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๐Ÿ About ๐Ÿ

CarGoat is a 3D platforming game developed by The Leftovers Crew for the PIGSquad August Summer Slow Jam. The player takes the role of Totes McGoats, a determined mountain goat with a heart of gold, sexy jorts, and an empty backpack. He's trapped in goat purgatory and you must fill his backpack with the various items found on the island and help him get to the top of the mountain to appease the great mountain goat god. 

๐Ÿ Credits ๐Ÿ

Directors/Producers: Joel, Ahria

Engine: Ahria (Lead), Brandon, Anthony, Elyse

Audio: Ransom (Lead), Eric, Jaden

3D/Animation: Keegan, Anthony, Joel

Design: Elyse, Johanna

Promotions/Misc: Johanna


CarGoatv2.1 - PC 68 MB


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